36 Driver Education Policies:


With Every Right Comes a Responsibility The Student and the Driving School

- For age verification present birth certificate, MVA ID, Learner’s Permit or your passport during registration or first (1st) class. No Permit Required for Registration
- No student will be admitted in an on-going two week session after the first class. A student who misses the first class cannot attend the remainder of that two week session.
- Uncle Sam Driving School requires at least 10 registered/paid students for the first class, or as decided by Uncle Sam Driving School management.; otherwise,  class will not be held. Student will be moved to the next class date at no charge.
 - Students must pay tuition in full before the start of their first class. Unless approved for payment plan through verification of financial hardship. If approved student can begin class with at least 50% of total course fee. If space is available, cash or check  payment and -Thirty (30) dollars fee applies to all payment plans.  There will be a ten(10) dollar late fee for payments not received before the end of the last class instruction.
- MVA requires students to complete the full 10 class driver education program.  
-  A student who misses a class may continue in the course but shall be required to make up the missed class.
-  A student removed from the course may reenroll in another course in Uncle Sam Driving School, if there is space available in the course.
- Promotional Prices may require advanced registration, and certain restrictions may apply. 
- No more than two (2) classes can be made up. More than two (2) classes missed will not be tolerated and Course Completion will not be awarded .
-  Management may impose fees for missed classes:  $40.00 to reschedule. 
- Students must pass the final exam with a minimum of 80% to receive the   certificate, or pass all unit exams with a minimum 80%.
-- Course Completion will be awarded when:
   a. All 30 hours classroom instruction are completed,
   b. The required six (6) hours of behind-the-wheel driving is completed, AND all tests taken receive a passing grade of 80% or passing grade (80%) on final exam. Final exam must be taken
    c. No past due amounts
TWENTY-FOUR HOURS AFTER SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETING ALL THE COURSE REQUIREMENTS. PAPER CERTIFICATES ARE NOT AWARDED.  To ensure your completion is up-to-date at all MVA branches please do not schedule your road test until about (3) three business days after course completion.

Refund Policy-   Students that withdraw from the driver education course before the course begins are entitled to a full refund. Students that withdraw prior to the completion of the course are entitled to a prorated refund.  In this instance 25% of total course fee paid divided by each hour of the classroom portion not completed, and 75% of total course fee paid divided by 6 hours for each hour of behind the wheel instruction not completed will be refunded.
-Refund will be processed within 15 days of notification of withdrawal and refund request received via school email (Unclesamdriving@gmail.com). Refund will be forwarded to address of record.  
Complaints- Complaints must be submitted in writing via email to UncleSamDriving@gmail.com. If you need to speak to management immediately please call the main office and ask to speak to a manager. If manager is unavailable please specify that call is regarding a complaint and you will be contacted in less than 24 hours. If you feel you need to file a complaint with the MVA you may do so by contacting the Driver Education Division at 410-424-3751 or in writing to Driver Education Division Room 207 6601 Ritchie Highway N.E. - Glen Burnie, MD 21062

- Tardiness will not be tolerated and will result in a missed class.
  -Uncle Sam Driving School will not allow admittance into a class after 15
minutes from the start time.
- In-car instruction will be scheduled after the completion of the classroom.  MVA requires providers to complete entire course in 16 (sixteen weeks).  Uncle Sam Driving School on average can complete entire course 4-6 weeks after the completion of the classroom, but there is no guarantee. A fee will be accessed for failure to contact Uncle Sam Driving School to schedule your in-car instruction within 6 (six) months after the completion of classroom instruction. Student may request an extension of the six-month rule via email only. students requests extension via email only.
- Uncle Sam Driving School Education Instructors will not tolerate 
Behavior or attitudes that disrupt any of the classes.  Disruptive 
Behavior or attitudes will not be tolerated and Course Certificate will not be
- Text books/material must be returned to Uncle Sam Driving School Education
Instructors in the condition they where received.  Students must 
reimburse Uncle Sam Driving School for failure to return their text books or
returning a text book in poor condition at the end of the course.
- Students must provide a minimum of 48 business hours notice to Uncle Sam Driving
School to cancel a in-car driving session. Failure to notify Uncle Sam Driving
School will result in a $40.00 penalty.  This penalty must be paid before the next
practice driving session.
- There will be a $35.00 charge for returned checks.
- Courses are subject to change or cancellation due to low enrollment.
- Additional/Remedial driving lessons:$100.00 per lesson (2 hours)**
-Uncle Sam Driving School may charge a service fee for each in-car session not to exceed $10.00/session that will be due before each in-car session.                                       
-A group picture will be taken on the final class day.  Pictures may be posted
on the School Website. Student reserves the right to refuse to take picture.

The Student and the Driving School

1. Each student has the right to a certified competent instructor, knowledgeable about the curriculum
and traffic safety issues. With that right each student has the responsibility to arrive prepared and on
time for every class without such distractions as talking or text messaging on cell phones, being
disrespectful to the instructor, or talking with other students in class.
2. Each student has the right to be taught the entire 30 hours of classroom instruction in an informative,
interesting and challenging manner. With that right each student has the responsibility to be attentive
and actively participate in every class.
3. Each student has the right to experience the full 6 hours of behind-the-wheel driving instruction as
required in the curriculum. With that right each student will listen to the instructor and not drive in a
negligent or dangerous manner.
4. Each student has the right to be treated in a courteous, civil and respectful manner. With that right
each student has the responsibility to be polite and respectful to the instructors at all times and to be
willing to accept positive criticism to help achieve driving success.
5. Each student has the right to attend class in a clean, safe, secure, temperature-controlled and fullyequipped
classroom that meets the local fire and building codes and MVA requirements. With that
right each student has the responsibility to respect the property of the driving school by not defacing
or destroying equipment or vehicles.
6. Each student and parent/driver coach has the right to visit the driving school, see the instructor’s
license and certification, and observe any class session including in-car sessions, in which his/her
student is included. With that right each parent/driver coach has the responsibility to refrain from
interfering with the instruction, classroom or driving, while the class is in session.
7. Each parent/driver coach and student has the right to have the driver education program, including
both the 30 hours of classroom instruction and the 6 hours of required driving time, completed
within 18 weeks of the first day of class. With that right each parent/driver coach has the
responsibility to take an active role in his/her student’s driver education by monitoring all progress,
communicating with the driving school and/or instructor, and practicing with the student driver if
he/she has a learner’s permit.
8. Each parent/driver coach and student has the right to place a complaint with the Motor Vehicle
Administration regarding problems associated with the driving school or the instructor ( The
number to call is 410-424-3751 ). With that right each parent/driver coach and student has the
responsibility to pay the driving school promptly for the driver education class and to alert the owner
or manager of the driving school about any problems or complaints before contacting an outside














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